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The EBC provides breeders, scholar managers and Arena players powerful tools, metrics and crowd sourced knowledge to maximize their Axie experience.

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With an EBC Membership, you'll gain access to our expanding list of advanced tools and resources, along with the private clubhouse in the EBC Discord.

PVP experts
We have several Top 200 arena players available to teach you the newest trends in the game.
Scholarship Management
You'll find advice from dozens of scholar managers who've spent the past year running 100+ member scholarships.
Breeding Experts
Our community includes members who've ran some of the most profitable breeding farms in all of Axie and are willing to help you do the same.
Community Events
We host weekly live seminars with Q/As and bring in outside content creators to make sure you have the resources necessary to succeed.
An innovative tool designed to save breeders countless hours by simplifying the complexities of the Axie market.
Get notified through multiple platforms when your perfect Axie is listed on the Market.


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The EBC memberships are provided through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Purchasing a membership gives you the benefits listed below and supports the continued development of the EBC ecosystem!

EBC Season 1 Memberships are valid through 2/28/22.


Marketplace Access

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Weekly Educational Youtube Videos

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Everything From Community Membership

Market Analyzer

Exclusive Access to New Features

EBC Development Discussions

Priority Queue Support

Future Features Tailored to Member's Suggestions

CommunityΞ 0.05season

Everything from Free

Access to The Clubhouse

EBC Discord Alerts

Live Coaching Seminars

Q/A Sessions with EBC Staff

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